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Activate, Strengthen and Build with our premium fabric glute bands.


With a non-slip grip technology that avoids any twisting, slipping and breaking of the bands. Say good bye to your rubber loop bands and say hello to Lift&Conquer Glute Bands. 

Glute Bundle allows you to select two glute bands in both resistance levels to use all of the key advantages of our bands. Lets break it down:

Medium - 15" in length, providing medium resistance. This band is great for all users beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees. Whether you want to activate your booty or simply use it for additional resistance in squats and hip thrusts this band highly recommended. 

Heavy- New band (phantom black in 15" still providing heavy resistance) all other heavy bands are in 13" shorter in length and provides a strong resistance level. Intermediate and advanced trainees LOVE our heavy band for adding the intensity to their leg day. Not advanced? thats ok! our heavy band serves a purpose for glute bridges, heavier donkey kicks, abductions for those wanting that extra give. 



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