black premium fabric glute band

Black Glute Band

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Made from a highly durable woven fabric to ensure high resistance and quality like no other. Level up your fitness game with our premium glute bands.

With a non slip grip rubber sewn in the inside to keep the band in place when using it. 

Currently available in Light & Heavy resistance.

14" light-medium resistance! beginners this the band for you, while providing resistance it is great as a starter to build the strength prior to our higher resistance levels.

13" heavy resistance is great for an individual with strong hips and a smaller frame. Exercises that compliment the small glute band: glute bridges, hip thrusts, lateral walks. The band will stretch out slightly over time. 

 15" medium-heavy resistance is longer in length which gives more range of motion for an individual with less hip strength or larger quads. This size is preferably used for barbell hip thrusts, lateral side walks, kick backs and more. 

Having both sizes gives you many options and strength levels to alter the intensity of your exercise!