I'm Laurén Fabello the owner of Lift&Conquer a new mom as of June 27,2022.  I created this brand to unite like minded individuals who conquer their goals. Fitness has been a prominent aspect in my life for 7 years and building a community to inspire those to rise above all obstacles. 

Providing affordable yet high quality products you can use along your journey whether its workouts from home or in a gym. Our goal is to set the standard in the fitness accessory space. 

Lift&Conquer is an everyday mindset to live by.

When using your Lift&Conquer products remember we lift by rising others, yourself and our weights. By conquering obstacles and reaching our goals. 

All of our products are designed in Ontario, Canada.

With your continued support and love we are able to grow and evolve as a business. We hope to continue to be inclusive, diversify and stay true to our words of encouragement. Creating products that are both durable and high quality you can trust in. 


-Laurén Fabello


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