The FIVE Glute Exercises You Need To Be Doing

The Five Glute Exercises You Need To Be Doing!

Looking to grow AND strengthen your glutes? Lets ditch the back squat and give these 5 exercises a try for a change. Tag us on our social media when you do them!


  1. Barbell Hip Thrust with our NEW BARBELL PAD

The bread and butter of glute building. Hip Thrusts are a movement in hip extension, the action provided for glutes is Hip Extension! There for by utilizing this movement you are having full control of the Gluteus Maximus. How to do it:

Against a bench or set up risers about 4 high on each side, line the bottom of your shoulder blades against the object you use while keeping your chin tucked and head forward.

With the barbell positioned just at the pelvis use our barbell pad for comfort, bend your knees and keep your toes pointed slightly outward. You will then slowly and safely bring your pelvis up to be in line with your sternum and squeeze your glutes at the top. The KEY here- without hyperextending your ribcage up you want to imagine it is your pelvis tucking upwards. Every rep you will bring your hips down to touch the floor this is called a “Dead Stop Hip thrust” and driving your hips back up to squeeze.

To start off as a beginner try this out using our Medium Glute band and perfect that form while engaging your glutes in every rep with the resistance from our bands. 

Perform this 3 sets of 12 reps. While adding weight you want to make sure you are maintaining a full squeeze every rep and ensure you are feeling it in your glutes before adding heavier weight.

2. Deadlift Variation: Sumo Deadlift

Deadlifts not only target the whole posterior chain but also emphasize the hamstrings and glutes more specifically! Lets look at the sumo deadlift. In a wide stance with your toes pointed outwards, barbell placed right over the top of your foot. You will want to place your hands in the middle of the bar keeping your shoulders back, stacking your lats while hinging your hips back. Yes HINGE* a deadlift is hinge in the hips! 

Once you’ve hinged your hips back as far as they let you lightly bring your hips down without them lining up beside your knees. Once you are in this position pull the bar up as your body comes back to stand tall. Squeeze those glutes at the top of the movement without thrusting the pelvis forward!

Perform this 3 sets of 10 reps. You can start this by using a KB until you have a good hinge pattern.

3. Bulgarian Split Squat

An absolute favourite for many reasons… one being that it is a single leg exercise which is crucial for imbalances or weakness. Most people feel this in their quad so lets spice it up with these different variants. First you will want to find a bench or if your gym has the rack with the pad on it which is the perfect set up for split squats. With one leg standing on the ground, the back leg will be elevated and kept bent through out the entire set. You will want to slightly tilt your body forward as if you are on an angle, keep that angle as you lunge down recruiting front glute to fire. Stand up from that position without locking out the front knee. This will feel slightly awkward as you are leaning forward but it emphasizing your glutes rather than the hamstring!

Try 3 sets of 12 reps per leg on this one! You may start with body weight but the idea is to gradually increase your weight every set. 

4. Reverse Hyper Extensions

Another key exercise for building that booty. This can be done on the actual reverse hyper machine or the glute/hamstring extension, a bench works as well. With this exercise you are going to let your legs hang off the edge and keep your stomach flat  on the machine or whichever object you may have to use. Start with your feet right at the bottom and bring your legs to be in the same line as your body. Squeeze for a good contraction at the top and begin to lower your legs. For added tension you can use one of our Glute Bands for resistance around your ankles or above the knee. 

Try 3 sets of 20 reps at the end of your glute session.


5. Single Leg Glute Bridge/Hip Thrust

 Another single legged exercise, this time it is going to target one glute at a time by      either having you laying on your back in a glute bridge position, raise one leg in the air and bring your knee to 90 degrees. Drive the hip that is on the ground to the ceiling while squeezing it at the top of the movement! While on the ground make sure your lower back is not arching to so make a posterior pelvic tilt. (physically tilting your pelvis inward) 

You can also try this as a hip thrust variation, same set up as the hip thrust although your arms can be kept at the sides but try not to use your elbows to push you up! The leg staying on the ground is going to be the leg you use to drive your hips up ward. 

These are targeting the muscle individiually so this is highly recommended if you are finding it difficult to connect with one glute versus the other!

Try 3 sets of 15 per leg at the beginning or end of your workout!

There you have it! 5 solid exercises you should be incorporating in your glute workouts!


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